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Thornbury Craft

Made in No Particular Hurry

Thornbury Craft proudly brews their cider in the midst of 7,500 acres of apple orchards, in the heart of apple country.  Their beer is carefully handcrafted with a commitment to crafting small-batch brews that are true to style while producing quality craft, ultra-premium beer with the added freshness of a local product.

Thornbury Craft Beer

Traditional style, local freshness

Ultra-premium craft beer that boasts the craftsmanship and nature of Old World styles, combined with the freshness of a local product.

Thornbury Craft Cider

From the heart of apple country

We craft our ciders in small batches, from locally sourced, fresh-pressed apples, to produce a truly Canadian taste.

Thornbury Seltzers

Refreshingly guilt-free

Our seltzers are made with high-quality, simple ingredients: pure sparkling water from the Blue Mountains, premium craft cider and a hint of natural flavour.